All change and a new normal...

Move forward with a fresh approach to learning and a new approach to governance.

Invest in yourself and The Governance Academy will help you to make an impact.

With unprecedented change over the past few years, a governance framework that helps maintain stability and long-term strength is more vital than ever.

A reactive approach that simply ticks the boxes and assumes a breach or failure won't happen is all too common – people's behaviour needs to be influenced to effect real change.

In all aspects of life, we're challenging the status quo and doing things we never thought possible. This mindset will mean we'll come back stronger.

Change your governance approach by being prepared, adaptive and strategic. You'll support the success and sustainability of your business and in return, you'll benefit from professional recognition.

With the rising prominence of ESG factors and changes due to the ever-changing global landscape, there has never been a better time to challenge the process.

Invest in yourself and make an impact.

Now’s the time to lead the way

The Governance Academy

inspiring a new vision

The Governance Academy offers a fresh approach to learning. The Academy is specifically designed for governance professionals and company secretaries. You'll be part of a community with those who want to lead the way and make governance more accessible and people focused.

The Governance Academy is brought to you by two industry trendsetters and founding directors of their own niche businesses. Both Fellows of the Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA) and named in the Governance Hot 100 list as Innovators and Trailblazers. Experienced at delivering coaching and university lecturing in governance.

Kerry Round

Round Governance

"We’re helping our peers to thrive professionally. We’ve experienced the challenges you face and we’re committed to helping you overcome them.

We want you to be able to develop a unique vision and strategy for exceptional governance. We’ll give you the inspiration and tools to make this happen."

Chrissie Davis

Eximia Communications

"We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between governance and people because they make or break governance frameworks.

By combining governance with employee communication and engagement, we’re enabling our community to make governance more accessible and people focused.

Our vision

We want The Governance Academy to inspire a new vision and create a community for governance trailblazers. The aim is to empower those who want to lead the way in re-defining how governance is governed, communicated and embraced within an organisation.

We want to be at the forefront of promoting best in class governance, that’s fit for a new decade and beyond.

Being part of the The Governance Academy

will give you the chance to:

Learn, discuss, develop and challenge the status quo
Benefit from diverse and vast expertise
Take away ideas that you can put into practice
Access an array of supporting materials
Join a community of like-minded professionals
Gain CPD points (based on The Chartered Governance Institute’s competency framework)
Complimentary six-month subscription to GA Online - our unique resource library

So what's different?

If you've ever experienced repetitive learning and you've struggled to use vast amounts of content to bring about change, then The Governance Academy is for you.

We want to encourage a friendly and relaxed environment with an open-door policy that will empower you. We'll be here to guide you on your journey through training, coaching and practical support.

We guarantee you'll leave feeling motivated, full of ideas and ready to put your plans into action.

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Those who have an adaptive mindset and invest in continual learning will be well suited to our practical sessions.

Invest in your development. Now's the time to lead the way.

Other things coming your way via

The Governance Academy

If you can’t attend our masterclasses or you’d like a bespoke training session, we’ve got a range of additional services that you can use:

Masterclasses on tour

Want training for your team but can’t make our London location, or would prefer to do it virtually? 

We can bring our masterclasses to you - in-person or via an interactive online format.

Bespoke masterclasses

Our expertise and passion, tailored to your challenge(s).

We can create a unique training session for you and your team (or cross-functional team).

The virtual academy

Want to learn flexibly online?

We’re busy creating training materials so you can learn in your own time.

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